Nara Sightseeing Spots Map


◆Tourist spots and sightseeing Spots of Nara city◆

Toshodaiji temple

The Chinese priest "Ganjin" constructed this temple. Azalea, lotus, bush clover flower is beautiful.

Akishinodera Temple

The god of entertainment Gikeiten is popular with women. The moss garden and bush clover flower is beautiful.

Futaiji temple

Hero of "Ise monogatari" old novel live in this small this Futaiji temple. Carmelia, Forsythia flower is beautiful.

Saidaiji temple

This temple was as big as Todaiji temple before, but today's temple is standing among the housing. The festival of Otyamori drinking of green tea with very big cup about 106cm is held in spring.

Kairyuoji temple

Very small temple next to the Hokkeji temple.There is the smallest 5 storied tower and 11 faced kannnon statue. this statue is golden color and has very beautiful face.

Kikoji temple

If you are plan to go this temple, go in the Morning in August. Everywhere in this temple bloom lotus flower. This temple shape is resemble to the South gate of Todaiji.


The Museum among the residential area near Kaerumata Pond. Archaeological and art work is shown. the garden is beautiful especially in the season of plume flower and bamboo grass lily.

Heijo Kyuseki

Nara Palace site. The Old remaining of Suzakumon gate, Nishiin Garden Daigokuden palace is reproduced. There are two museum int the area. There are many Kohun (Burial mound) around here.

Hozanji temple

Enno Gyoja who opened Shugendo built this temple. Above the temple there is rock cave called "Hannya kutsu".Now this temple is famous for the god of business.

Hokkeji temple

This temple locate in backside of Hejo Kuseki. In Nara era, this temple is the head quarter of Nun Kokubunnji. There is the Japanese Garden in the temple.

Ikoma Skyland

It is the amusement park on the top of the Ikoma mountain. The view is very beautiful.

Ikoma Skyland
Hanyaji Temple

This temple locate 1.5km north from the Nara parkish temple is famous for the cosmos flower bloom in spring and autumn.

Byakugoji Temple

This temple locates on the middle of the Takamado mountain. In autumn the bush clover flower cover the stone steps.

Ryozennji Temple

"High Nose Hermit" built herb bath and rose garden in this temple. Rose bloom in June and November.

Shinyakushiji Temple

This temple is famous for bush clover flower. This temple is also famous for the 12 God statue "Juni Shin Sho Zo" made from soil.

Yakushiji temple

This temple was first built in Asuka era and moved to Hejo kyo by Ten-mu Emperor. West tower and Koo is rebuilt.

Oiwake Plume garden

This garden locates on the way from Yatadera temple to Ryozenji temple. Prime flower is beautiful in Spring.


◆Tourist spots and sightseeing Spots of Tenri Yamatokoryama◆

Shoryakuji temple

This temple was very big in Nara era, and famous for the autumn leaves as "Nishikino Sato".Secret statue of Buddha is shown in April and November.

Horyuji temple →Detail Infomation

This temple's building is the oldest wooden building in the world. The great politician "Shotokuitaishi" is worshiped."Kudara Kannno Bosatsu Statue" is famous.

Kurozuka Kofun(tomb)

Many ancient mirror were found in the Kofun. The old Chinese book said China game "YAMATAIKOKU" mirrors. it is possible this mirror is YAMATAIKOKU mirror.

Yamatokoryama castle

This castle is is near the Yamatokoryama station. This castles Sakura (Cherry blossoms) is selected The best 100 sakura in Japan.

Umami kyuro garden

In the garden and around garden Many Kofun such as Nagareyama Kofun can bee seen. All over the seasons many flower is blooming.

Yatadera temple

Hydrangea flowers are beautiful in rainy season. Many rock Buddha statue of Jizo can be seen everywhere in the Yatadera temple.

Hashihaka Kofun

Very large Kofun in Makimuku Remains. Some scholar said that Hashihaka Kofun is the tomb of the "Himiko", queen of the "Yamataikoku".

Tsukigase plum garden

This prim garden has been famous spot from the Muromachi era. the large lake and plume flower is very beautiful.

Kasayama Sanpo Kojin

Kojin is the god of furnance. Kasayama Sanpo Kojin is the largest top 3 of Kojin shrine. You can enjoy the buckwheat noodle in front of the shrine.

Isonokami Shrine

Isonokami shrine is the one of the oldest shrine in Japan. This shrine has the "Shichisito" the antler shaped sword.

Hihara Shrine

If you are plan to go Hihara Shrine, we recommend to go at sunnset. Sunset is very beautiful especially in spring and autumn.

Tenri Kanko Farm Garden

You can enjoy Mandarin orange hunting in Tenri Kanko Farm Garden. You can also take a lunch here.

Tenri Kanko Farm Garden
Genpi An

The priest "Genpi" in Heian Era built this house among the Miwa Mountain. but later this house moved to the suburb of the mountain.

Genpi An
Tyogakuji Temple

The famous priest Kobo Daishi built this temple. Light up event is held in autumn. You can enjoy Somen noodle in the temple.

Omiwa Shrine

Omiwa shrine is the one of the oldest shrine in Japan. This shrine worship the Miwa mountain.

Karako Kagi remains

Bronze bell-shaped vessel was found here. On the vessel the building picture was found. And rebuilt the building on the remains.

Ryuo Mountain

There is a hiking road from the Chogakuji temple and Keiko tenno Ryo. Many Kofun is found around the hiking road on the way to Ryuo mountain.

Koninji temple

Koninji temple locate among the mountains, and very quiet place. You can stay in this temple.


◆Tourist spots and sightseeing Spots of Kashihara Sakurai Uda Asuka Katsuragi◆

Taimadera temple

Chusho queen becomes priest and lives in this temple. Chusho queen is the heroine of the Nogaku, Kabuki or Joruri.

Kame Ishi (Turtle stone)

In Asuka village, there is some strange stone. This stone's shape is like turtle.

Kame Ishi
Nijo Mountain

Two mountain are connecting together. There is a hiking road from Nara prefecture to Osaka prefecture.

Saru Ishi (Monkey stone)

In Asuka village, there is some strange stone. This stone's shape is like a monkey.

Saru Ishi
Kashihara Jingu Shrine

Kashihara Jingu Shrine worship the Jinmu Emperor who is the first emperor in Japan. Large wooden building is beautiful.

Oninosecchin Oninomanaita

It is said that "Oninosecchin" is the toilet for Daemon, and "Oninomanaita" is the chopping board of Daemon. 

Kumedera Temple

Kumewdera temple worship the Kume Hermit. Kume Hermit has their legend he can fly. Hydrangea flower is beautiful in rainy season.

Takamatsuduka Kofun

On the stone camber of Takamatsuduka Kofun, colored picture of women, white tiger, and Genbu. Light up event "Hikari no Kairo" is held in September.

Abe Monjuin Temple

This temple worship Abeno Seimei, the famous Onmyoji . there is a golden building in the pond named Ukimido. Large Buddha "Monjubosatsu" mount on the lion is shown in Hondo building.

Abe Monjuin Temple
Ishibutai Kofun

Ishibatai kohun is the tomb of the Souphanouvong, famous politician in Asuka era. Stone chamber's weight is about 2200 ton.

Tanzan Shrine

Wooden 13 storied tower is beautiful in autumn leaves. Tanzan Shrine worship Fujiyama Karita who make the revolution of Taikanokaisin.

Inabuchi district

This terraced rice fields is selected top 100 terraced rice fields in Japan. Scarecrow contest is held in autumn.

Amakashi hill

You can look down the Yamatosanzan ( Beautiful 3 mountain in Yamato) from top of The Amakashi hill.

Okadera temple

Nyoirin Kannnon is the biggest clay statue in Japan. Rhododendron flower is beautiful in May.

Asuka dera temple

This temple worship Soga powerful family. Asuka Big Buddha statue (Asuka Daibutsu)has unique face.

Asuka dera
Hasedera temple

In every seasons, beautiful flower is blooming such as Sakura(cherry), peony, Hydrangea and autumn leaves.

Tachibana Dera Temple

Prince Shotoku is said to born in this place. Nimensseki (Two faced stone), and Sankoseki(3 light stone) is in this temple.

Tachibana Deta
Muroji Temple

Religion of Shingonshu train themselves among the mountain. Muroji temple is said as Koya mountain for women.

Kimpusennji Temple

Kimpsenji temple is the headquarter of the "Shugendo", the Japanese original religion.

Butsuryuji Temple

The old cherry blossom more than 1000 years old called "Sennennzakura" bloom in April.

Tubosakadera Temple

It is said that disease in eye will begetting better, if you worship this templa.