Own painting picture of Nara sightseeing spots
and Buddha Statue.

In the Yamabe Hotel, the pictures of Nara sightseeing spots of Nara and Buddha statue painted by the landlady were shown. We think our pictures are not skillful, but we think these pictures will help you your sightseeing plan of Nara. The landscape of picture and Buddha statue of picture is very famous in Nara.

  • Gikeiten Statue in Akishinodera Temple

  • Ashura Statue In Kofukuji Temple

  • Miro Bosatsu Statue in Chuguji Temple

  • Zochoten Statue In Todaiji Kaidanin

  • 5-storied tower in Hasedera Temple

  • Rhododendron flower in Muroji Temple

  • Wisteria flower in Kasuga shrine

  • Earthen Wall to Nigatudo in Todaiji

  • Gikeiten in Isonokami Shrine

  • East tower, West tower of Yakushiji temple