About Accommodation and Service
of Yamabe Hotel Nara Tenri

The Point of Facilities and Services of Yamabe Hotel

Long term stay is preferred. We have plenty of free service.

Washing machine, detergent, and drying machine is available for Free charge. Coffee and green tea is free. and Rent a bike is available for free charge,

Some of our guest stays our hotel 150days per year.

Convenient for Sightseeing of Nara

Rent a bike is available for free. We have 4 bikes for rental. You can access your sightseeing spots more smoothly.

INTERNET, WIFi and PC is available every room. You can search the information of Nara.

You can bring the road bike to our hotel. The master has hobby of triathlon. Then you can use the tools of bicycle. We also show you the recommended rout for road bike.


We are proud of the content and cost performance of the dinner. You can choose the menu of dinner.

Check in


Inform us the check in time when you reserve our room.

Check out


Bath room

Bath room is outside your room, and private room. We have 2 bathroom on the 2nd floor and 3rd floor.

INTERNET, WIFi, PC for free charge

Every room equips PC with INTERNET, and also available WIFi wireless net work.

You can also print out by our printer or send a FAX from your room by installing printer driver.


You have to reserve breakfast until one day before.

\500JPY, From 7:00,You can take breakfast on the 1st floor.

The content is Western style(Bread, Ham &Eggs, Salad, Fruit Juice,coffee).


Breakfast of Yamabe Hotel Nara Tenri


You have to reserve dinner until 9:00 in the morning.

Standard plan is \1850. But you can Choose another course of dinner.

  • ・Standard(\1,850)
  • ・Sukiyaki course(\2,800)
  • ・Chanko Nabe course(\4,000)
  • ・The gorgeous Nabe course
    [choose Gyushabu(\5,000), Tecchiri(\5,500)]

Please refer the Photo Galary of Dinner

We are Approved the Accommodation for Cyclist by Nara government

The Accommodation for Cyclist By Nara Government

The Master of Yamabe Hotel Loves triathlon, and road bike.

We have the parking lot which has roof for road bike outside, You can also take in road bike inside our house if you take off the wheels.

You can use tools for free charge, such as floor pump, Arlen key, pedal wrench,Sprocket remover, Lock ring remover etc. And we can show you the recommended road map for cyclist.

Free Service

  • ・PC(personal computer)
  • ・LAN and LAN cable, WIFi net work※1)
  • ・Rent a bike 4
  • ・Parking Lot
  • ・Washing machine, Detergent, Drying machine for cloth
  • ・Regular coffee machine, coffee beans, sugar, milk, green tea pack.
  • ・FAX, printer※2)
  • ・Manning
  • ・Igo, Shogi
  • ・Tramp etc

※1)You need to input the pk. The paper in your room shows the Password.

※2)Our printer is MFC-5890CN by Brother Inc. Please install the printer driver.

Equipment and Amenity All Free

  • ・Air conditioner
  • ・TV
  • ・Refrigerator
  • ・Yukata(Japanese Bathrobe)
  • ・Bath towel towel
  • ・Shampoo Rinse Soap
  • ・Teeth brush set
  • ・Steam Iron
  • ・News paper

Room of Yamabe Hotel Nara

  • ・Japanese Room for Single(4.5 Tatami mats)
  • ・Japanese Room for 2-3 persons(6 tatami mats)
  • ・Japanese Room for 4-8 persons(14 tatami mats)
  • ・Twin Bedroom(Western)

You can choose the room. Photo Gallery of Room