Access from Tenri city,Nara

By walk Access from Tenri

From the Tenri station exit,Bus station rotary can be seen. Turn left, then you can see the JR railway on the left hand. Go along the JR railway.

If you go along the JR railway, You can see the coffee shop building named "表参道".

Further You go along the JR railway toward north.

You can see the traffic signal after 200m walk,then you turn left. Go under the JR railway.

On the left hand you can see the Yamabe Hotel.

By car Access from Tenri IC

Get off the Tenri IC,then Go toward south on Rout 169.(If you come From the Nishimeihan highway,You turn right on the highway exit. If you come from the Meihan National road(Rout 25),You turn left.)

You can see the First Seven Eleven shop on the left hand. But go toward 2nd Seven Eleven shop.

About 1km Above,you can see the 2nd Seven Eleven shop on the right hand. then you turn right.

200m above,You go under the JR railway.

You can see Yamabe Hotel on the left hand.

Access Map around the Tenri city Nara

Access to the Tenri station, Tenri city

Access to the Tenri station

○ From Kansai airport

Direct Limousine Bus to Nara station
↓ 70min
JR railway bound for Sakurai
↓ 15min
Tenri station

○ From Sinkansen(Hikari Nozomi) Express

You had better get off the Kyoto station.
From Kyoto station. Change Kintetsu railway.
Get on Express bound for Teri
↓ 60min
Tenri station

Access information by Car

○ Coming from Kyoto

There is a toll road "Keinawa".But this road is very crowded. We recommend to use Rout 24.Bebause it is free and access time is about the same.

○ Coming from Meihan road(Rout25)

Please be careful s lippy road in winter. We recommend to be equipped snow tire or Tire chain. And be care full to drive long down hill road.

Road Map and Railway Map around Nara Teri

Tourist and Nara Sightseeing Spots around Yamabe Hotel

Access time to Nara tourist spots from Yamabe Hotel

○ Nara city:Within 30min.

Todaiji temple, Nara Park, Hejo kyo, Hokkeji, Yakushiji temple,Toshodaiji temple

○ Ikaruga, Yamato Koryama:15-20min.

Horyuji temple, Yatadera temple, Ryozenji temple

○ Kashihara city:Within 30min.

Kashihara Jingu Shrine, Kumedera Temple.

○ Sakurai, Uda city:30-50min.

Abemonjuin, Hasedera temple, Muroji Temple, Tanzan jinja shrine

○ Asuka, Katsuragi:40-60min.

Asuka village, Tsubosaka temple, Takatori castle, Taimadera temple

○ Yoshino:60-120 min.

Yoshino mountain, Kinpusenji temple, Tenkawa Hot spring, Dorogawa Hot Spring

Tourist spots of Tenri

Please ask us anytime how to access the tourist spots.