About Yamabe Hotel Nara Tenri
(Business ryokan Yamabe)

Japanese room

Japanese room of Tsubaki(Camellia)

PC equiped in room

PC with Internet is equipped every room

Provides Cheap Rate

Staying Rate including taxes and service charge

\3500JPY-:Single room, \3250JPY-:Double room,

\3000JPY-:Triple room, \3000JPY-:room for 6persons

Long-term Discount Rate

\500JPY is discounted per day per person if Staying 4 or more continuous nights.

Breakfast Rate

\500JPY per person

Western style breakfast.
bread and egg and salad and juice and coffee

Dinner Rate

\1850-5500 per person. Japanese Style dinner

Standard Dinner's rate is \1850. Check the variety of dinner.

Convenient Access for Nara sightseeing

If you are planning to stay Nara one night, and planning to see Nara city or Asuka or Yoshino or Hasedera, We don't recommend our hotel.

But If you are planning to stay Nara 2 or more nights and planning to see various sightseeing spot of Nara, We recommend our Yamabe Hotel because of convenient access to Nara sightseeing spot. please refer the our hotel location and tourists apots of Nara. Nara sghtseeing Map

Access from Yamabe Hotel
  1. 1.Nara city (Today temple, Kasuga shrine, Kofukuji temple,Yakushiji temple, toshodaiji temple) is 10km North from Yamabe Hotel.
  2. 2.Ikaruga Town(Horyuji temple, Chuguji temple, Yatadera temple, Jikoinn) is 6km west from Yamabe Hotel.
  3. 3.Asuka Village(Okadera Temple, Asukadera temple, Ishibutai, Tachibanadera temple,Takamatsuduka kohun)is 15km South from Yamabe Hotel.
  4. 4.Yoshino Famous for one of the biggest sakura (cherry blossom) spot is 20km south from Yamabe Hotel
  5. 5.Sakurai Uda city(Murouji temple, Hasedera temple,Moderation temple) is 15km south east from Yamabe Hotel.

Plenty of Free Service and accommodation equipments

All the services shown below is available for free charge.

  1. 1. Every room has PC(personal computer) with INTERNET.
  2. 2. All rooms in the hotel rooms, WIFi smart phone spot of all carriers support is available.
  3. 3. Green tea and Regular coffee set
  4. 4. Washing Machine and Drying machine and Detergent.
  5. 5. Rent a bicycle is is available.
  6. 6. Parking Lot.
  7. 7. Print out or sending Fax is available from your room.

Paintings gallery in our hotel

The landlady's own painted oil paintings of Statues of Buddha of Nara and paintings of Nara sightseeing spots are shown in our hotel everywhere.

We hope that the subject of the picture will help your plan of your sightseeing of Nara.

Flexible response

Our hotel is small hotel. Then we can provides unique flexible service. If you have the questions about sightseeing spot or hotel equipment or Japanese habit or how to get a reasonable train ticket , please ask us anytime.


◆What is the origin of "Yamabe" Hotel◆

Our hotel name "Yamabe" comes from the "Yamanobenomiti". Yamanobenomiti is the oldest public road in Japan more than 1300 years ago. You can walk to Isonokami Jingu Shrine the base of Yamanobenomiti".We have the Map of Yamanobenomiti.and also another map of Nara sightseeing.

Please ask us anything about the information of the Nara sightseeing.

◆Nara Tourism News◆

Painting gallery about Buddhism Statue of Nara and about Sightseeing spots of Nara has been added to the hotel.

April is the season of the Cherry blossoms(Sakura). Nara Sakura

And the most popular sightseeing spot of Nara is Nara park and Todaiji Statue of Buddha.

Sakura blossoms in Abemonjuin

Sakura blossoms in Abemonjuin

Yoshino Sakura Blossoms

Yoshino Sakura Blossoms